Regular Council Meeting February 9, 2015

FEBRUARY 09, 2015

PRESENT: Mayor: Ms. Annette Morman

Council: Ms. Jackie Graham
Ms. Betty Ritchie
Ms. Bridgette Williams
Mr. Tim Pinson
Ms. Sabrina Thomas

Clerk: Sue Pate

GUESTS: Dr. Teresa Mitchell, & Tholen Edwards

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Annette Morman. Invocation was given by Mayor Morman and everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Bridgette Williams made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Mr. Tim Pinson and it was carried by unanimous vote.

Ms. Bridgette Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 26, 2015 meeting; seconded by Ms. Jackie Graham and was carried by a unanimous vote.

None at this time.

Mr. Pinson stated the Glass Contractors Business would be closing at the end of February and going up for auction. He stated the building has several offices up front and several nice warehouses if anyone knows of someone looking for a building. He also stated the owner is asking around $200,000.00 for the building.

Ms. Williams stated she is trying to get the neighborhood watch program up and running. She asked the council members for one or two names from their district that might be interested in being part of the neighborhood watch. She also stated she has a neighbor that needs a nuisance letter sent to them because the carport is stacked full of items and looks bad.

Ms. Thomas stated that several properties on the right side of Jackson Street need to clean up behind their houses. They have a lot of bushes and trees that make the street look bad. Ms. Thomas also asked when the property where the fire department burned down the house was going to be cleaned up. The Mayor stated that she had spoken with Mr. Turner and he is supposed to get it cleaned up. She also stated that she would have a letter sent to the company in Cairo to find out who owns the property.

Ms. Ritchie stated Ms. Dana Sellers wants to get her photography business up and running. Ms. Sellers would like to rent some space at City Hall. She may not want to rent permanently but just for the days of her shoots. Ms. Ritchie told her it had passed through the council that we would rent the rooms. Ms. Ritchie stated she would give her a call to see if she was still interested and if she doesn’t have a business license one will be obtained. Ms. Ritchie also asked when the city was going to get a dumpster because there are some old tires on the corner of Daniels and Church Street that need to be cleaned up.

Ms. Graham stated there is a large pot hole on GA 3 that needs to be repaired. Mayor Morman told Ms. Graham to call Celeste and have a work order put in to get the pot hole repaired. Ms. Graham also asked about the problems at the treatment plant. Mayor Morman stated that Anthony had a representative from the Georgia Rural Water coming to look at the problem and she has asked Jon Bergozza to look at the problem.

Mayor Morman stated the heating and air unit on the south side of City Hall has quit working and there are 2 estimates to replace unit. She stated Camilla Heating and Air have the lowest estimate. Council voted unanimously to have Camilla Heating and Air replace the unit if the warranty is the same as Humphries warranty.

Mayor Morman presented council 2 estimates to replace the roofing at City Hall but Drawdy has not put what we requested in the estimate for the 3rd time. We will get another estimate from someone else to replace the roof.

Mayor Morman presented council 2 estimates to paint City Hall one from Todd Washington and one from H & H painting. Council asked for more details on the estimate from H & H before a decision is made.

Mayor Morman stated preparations need to be made for the workers an office and restroom once the old City Hall is leased. Mayor Morman recommended the addition be made to the existing shop. Ms. Graham suggested buying a storage building for the office and restroom. Estimates will be obtained to do the work. Mayor Morman also stated that Mr. Keaton will be making the repairs to the roof at the well house on Durham Street.

Mr. Pinson asked if any of the septic tank cleaning businesses were dumping solid waste at the treatment plant. Mayor Morman stated they are not supposed to and suggested cameras be installed at the treatment plant to make sure this is not happening. Mayor Morman asked Mr. Pinson if he would take care of this.

Mayor Morman presented her FYI’s to Council. They were as follows:
1. There is a scheduled meeting February 19th at 3 pm for the Community Center.
2. There will be an employee meeting February 13th at 9 am.
3. Mr. Ronald Halstead came today to look at the timber on the city’s property and will let her know if it is worth selling.
4. Council had submitted a letter to the Church to purchase 20 feet needed for the Community Center. The Church is donating the property to the City. The City will have to pay for the title deed and survey.

1. Mayor Morman recommended the City have one council meeting the 4th Monday of each month and a work session a week or so before the council meeting. Mayor Morman stated she has spoke with Mr. Coleman and he said an ordinance would have to be passed. The council was unanimously in favor of this.
2. Mayor Morman recommended all council members have a city email address.

Mayor Morman then recognized Dr. Teresa Mitchell. She asked Dr. Mitchell if she was ready to sign the lease for the old City Hall. Dr. Mitchell stated she would like to wait until she could have full possession of the building.

Ms. Betty Ritchie made the motion to approve bills; seconded by Ms. Bridgette Williams and carried by a unanimous vote.

Ms. Betty Ritchie made the motion to adjourn Council meeting at 7:10 p.m.; seconded by Ms. Jackie Graham and carried by a unanimous vote.