Regular Council Meeting February 23, 2015

FEBRUARY 23, 2015

PRESENT: Mayor: Ms. Annette Morman

Council: Ms. Jackie Graham
Ms. Betty Ritchie
Ms. Bridgette Williams
Mr. Tim Pinson
Ms. Sabrina Thomas

Clerk: Sue Pate

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Annette Morman. Invocation was given by Ms. Sabrina Thomas and everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Jackie Graham made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Ms. Bridgette Williams and it was carried by unanimous vote.

Ms. Bridgette Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 09, 2015 meeting; seconded by Ms. Sabrina Thomas and was carried by a unanimous vote.

Ms. Bridgette Williams stated she would like to have the names for the neighborhood watch and hold a meet and greet on March 16th.

Mayor Morman presented her FYI’s to Council. They were as follows:
1. City Clerk attended certification training in Athens on February 15, 16, 17.
2. We had major leak in chlorine room on Durham St. Mr. Doug Keaton did repairs.
3. Celeste discovered the front door was jammed with several payments on the 19th and the door would not stay closed without being locked. Mr. Keaton was called to do repairs.
4. GMA annual convention will be held in Savannah June 26, 27, 28, & 29. Information is in folder for classes and hotels. Please have forms completed and given to Ms. Sue by tomorrow at 5:00 pm.
5. There are quotes in notebooks for the following:
a. Painting City Hall
b. Installation of a new roof for City Hall
c. Bathroom for Public Works building and Pavilion.
6. Mr. Fuller will be here on February 26th Thursday at 3:00. We invite all council members to attend. Hopeful plans will be completed and Mr. Tim Wade has almost completed budget cost.
7. Changes were made on use of old Library. Please review, we will make appropriate changes at work session.
8. Water bills will be discussed at work session in regards to late fees and cut offs.
9. Old City Hall will be cleaned completely by March 9, 2015. Dr. Mitchell will sign contract to lease building at that time.
10. Mr. Halstead needs plats for land going to treatment plant. He stated the timber will bring the city several thousands of dollars. (oak & pine)
11. Quote from Boyd Construction to clean ponds at treatment plant.
12. City ordinance (city council meeting held one time per month).
13. Doug Erwin will be here first week in March (5 & 6).
14. On February 11, 2015, Tim, Jackie, Anthony and I met with Jon at the treatment plant. We have to get a new bar screen.

1. Council reviewed the quotes submitted for the painting of city hall and replacing the roof. Mayor Morman stated we will table the quote for the painting and she will call Mr. Mixon with the State Corrections about prisoners doing the painting.

2. Ms. Ritchie made a motion to accept the bid from S & S Roofing. The Mayor stated we have a motion on the table. Ms. Graham asked if they both had the 30 year warranty. Ms. Ritchie stated we would have to verify that. Mr. Pinson made a motion that we offer A Plus $16,500.00 to do the job seconded by Ms. Sabrina Thomas and was carried by a unanimous vote.

3. Mayor Morman stated we have one quote for the pavilion and she wants to get another quote for this.

4. Mayor Morman asked the council if anyone knew a plumber, we have one quote and need a second for the Public Works Bathroom. Mr. Pinson stated the plumber he knew was Mr. Mobley.

5. Mr. Pinson will bring quotes for Tennis Courts to next council meeting.

1. Purchase additional playground equipment for park. (SPLOST)
2. Beautifications of Clayton Marcus Park. (Trees and Flowers)
3. Do another park on School Street, perhaps a basketball court, playground equipment, picnic tables, walking tract and lighting. (SPLOST only for recreation)

1. Council Meetings: The first reading of this ordinance was done by Ms. Bridgette Williams. Ms. Williams made a motion to approve the ordinance and suspend the second reading; the motion was seconded by Ms. Betty Ritchie; 4 members voted to approve and 1 member opposed. Mayor Morman stated the ordinance would be tabled until a later date.

Ms. Jackie Graham made the motion to approve bills; seconded by Ms. Bridgette Williams and carried by a unanimous vote.

Ms. Betty Ritchie made the motion to adjourn Council meeting at 7:10 p.m.; seconded by Ms. Jackie Graham and carried by a unanimous vote.