JANUARY 12, 2015

PRESENT: Mayor: Ms. Annette Morman

Council: Ms. Jackie Graham
Ms. Betty Ritchie
Ms. Bridgette Williams
Mr. Tim Pinson

Clerk: Sue Pate

GUESTS: Ms. Teresa Burley, Ms. Karen Cooper (Woodman Of The World)

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Annette Morman. Invocation was given by Ms. Bridgette Williams and everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Jackie Graham made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Ms. Bridgette Williams and it was carried by unanimous vote.

Ms. Betty Ritchie made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 22, 2014 meeting with the needed corrections; seconded by Ms. Bridgette Williams and was carried by a unanimous vote.

Mayor Morman granted the floor to Ms. Teresa Burley & her supervisor Ms. Karen Cooper from Woodman of the World in reference to insurance for our employees. Ms. Burley introduced her supervisor at this time. Ms. Cooper then gave the council some history of the company and presented the council with brochures of all the benefits they have to offer the employees as well as the council members. Mayor Morman stated the information would be passed on to the employees and that another meeting would be scheduled if needed she then thanked them for their time.

Mayor Morman stated the only unfinished business she had was in reference to Dr. Teresa Mitchell and the opening of a pharmacy in Baconton. She also stated that Dr. Mitchell wants to lease the old city hall. She then asked Ms. Jackie Graham what her thoughts were since she was not at the previous meeting. Ms. Jackie Graham stated she was fine with everything and even if the city chose to let her have the building rent free for one year that it would still bring revenue back into the city. Mayor Morman stated she would call Mr. Coleman in reference to drawing up the contract. Ms. Betty Ritchie suggested we call the man with the Georgia Archives in reference to getting the records stored or destroyed even if Dr. Mitchell decided not to go through with the business.

Mayor Morman presented her FYI’s to Council. They were as follows:
1. Received a letter from Mary Sullivan, Ed. D. regarding funds need for the Baconton Volunteer Fire Department.
2. Mr. Bill Fuller will be here on Wednesday the 14th.

Mayor Morman appointed the 2015 Committee Members. They are as follows:
1. Personnel And Budget Committee
a. Betty Ritchie – Chairperson
b. Jackie Graham
c. Tim Pinson
d. Annette Morman

2. Recreation And Public Works
a. Sabrina Thomas – Chairperson
b. Bridgette Williams
c. Tim Pinson
d. Annette Morman

3. Neighborhood Watch Program
a. Bridgette Williams
b. Jackie Graham
c. Tim Pinson
d. Sabrina Thomas

4. Baconton Senior Citizens Program
a. Dorothy Morman – Chairperson
b. Vernice Williams – Co-Chairperson
c. Frances Daniels
d. Betty Williams
e. Betty Ritchie
f. Minnie Daniels
g. Annette Morman

5. Baconton Fitness Center
a. Jackie Graham – Chairperson
b. Tim Pinson

6. Baconton Event Coordinator
a. Celeste Robinson
b. Olivia I Morman
Mayor Morman presented her goals for 2015.
1. Have the Community Center/Library completed and in it by August 15th, 2015.
2. Have the 3rd annual Children’s Health Fair in April.
3. Apply for Main St. grant to resurface Walton St. and hopefully new sidewalks down eastside of Walton St.
4. Apply for gateway grant to beautify the entrance into the City.
5. Start a fitness center.
6. Start a neighborhood watch program.
7. Build a tennis court and walking trail behind the charter school. Possibly sell the city timber and have half the money needed for this project.
8. Try to beautify the city park with the youth council.
9. Build a new basketball court and resurfaced the old one. Also get new equipment along with a pavilion.
10. Quarterly newsletter
11. Add sidewalk on School St.
12. Look at purchasing a new truck.
13. Install new bleachers at ball field and basketball court.

Ms. Betty Ritchie presented her goals for 2015.
1. Work with the Mayor to get the new Community Center/Library completed.
2. Get the parking area across from City Hall completed.
3. Get a face lift for the outside and roof on City Hall.

Ms. Jackie Graham made the motion to approve bills; seconded by Ms. Betty Ritchie and carried by a unanimous vote.

Mayor Morman stated that a motion was needed to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters. Ms. Betty Ritchie made the motion for Council to go into Executive Session; seconded by Ms. Jackie Graham and carried by a unanimous vote. Council went into Executive Session at 6:55 p.m. The purpose given by Mayor Morman for entering into Executive Session was to discuss a pay raise for one of the personnel Ms. Sue Pate. Mayor Morman stated that Ms. Pates pay would increase by 75₵ per hour starting January 19, 2015 and was carried by a unanimous vote. Executive Session adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

Ms. Betty Ritchie made the motion to adjourn Council meeting at 7:15 p.m.; seconded by Ms. Jackie Graham.